Alain Locke says Apple iPad will not work on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Alain de la Cruz, a former CEO of Samsung, has said that Apple is unlikely to introduce an iPad in the near future.

He said in a blog post on Tuesday that the company will have to wait for Apple to “make a good enough product” in order to convince people that it is worthwhile to buy an iPad.

Alain de los Santos, a professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, believes that the iPad will only succeed in the iPhone segment, which Apple has dominated for years.

“This is an iPad that’s going to get some attention from Apple, but they are going to make some bad decisions,” de los Martos said.

“The reason why the iPad won’t really succeed in that segment is that Apple’s products are going through the same problems.

And the iPad is going to have problems, and it is going be the best iPad ever, but it’s going the wrong way.”

Apple launched its iPad Mini last year, but has since been eclipsed by the iPhone.

Apple is now pushing back on the iPad Mini, with its new iPhone 7, which is the first iPad with a thinner frame.

De los Santos says Apple has been working hard to convince consumers to buy the new iPhone, but he believes Apple will be able to convince some of its loyal customers to stick with the iPhone, despite the fact that it’s a bit pricey.

“I think the people that are buying iPhone 7s and iPhone SEs are going, ‘I want a new iPhone and I want a better screen and I can afford the iPhone,'” de los Santos said, adding that Apple should focus on “winning in the iPad mini and iPad.”

Apple is likely to be more open about its iPad lineup when it launches its new phones, but its iPad line-up is expected to remain unchanged.