Boy’s locker room at high school locked down after locker room breach

The lockdowns are now in effect for Washington’s locker rooms at the High School of Science and Technology.

The lockdown was instituted Tuesday, Jan. 19.

It was originally scheduled to last from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., but was extended to 6 p..m.; 8 to 3; and 3 a,ms.

for the rest of the week.

“We were concerned about the potential for injuries, because of the high-stress environment and the possibility of having people on the floor trying to do their job,” said Michael P. Schmitt, the superintendent.

Students were instructed to stay inside their locker rooms and lockers, with staff inside to ensure the safety of students.

“If there was a problem, the student would have to go back to the locker room to talk to someone who was there to deal with it,” he said.

The lockdowns have been a headache for Washington High School and the surrounding area for several years.

They have led to a number of locker room incidents, including one in which a 15-year-old girl was left hanging from a light pole for days in a room where the school’s security cameras were not working.

A locker room incident at a private Washington High school caused an evacuation that lasted for hours.

(Courtesy of Washington High) A similar incident last year at Washington High caused a massive disruption of the district’s students’ social life and left students and staff without access to their dorm rooms.

(Washington High)The lockdown comes on the heels of the lockdown at Washington College Prep, a private school in the Washington suburbs, which was forced to evacuate its entire campus in August after a series of incidents involving a locker room.

According to Washington College, the lockdown was originally slated to last for about two weeks.

But administrators announced that the lockdown would be extended from Wednesday to Thursday.

While the lockdown in the high school was temporary, it has been extended to Tuesday, so students could still return to classes on Monday.

It was also extended to Thursday to allow students to gather in the hallways to discuss the incident.

Last week, Washington College said it had been receiving hundreds of calls about students being in lockdowns since the lockdowns began on Tuesday. More: