How to find the lock pick codes on NBA 2K21 locker rooms

A few years ago, NBA 2k players would have to download and install the NBA 2ks app to unlock the lock codes that would unlock the locker room.

That’s no longer the case, and players can download the lockpick codes on the lockpicks page on the NBA app store.

There are currently more than 300 lockpick and key codes available for use in NBA 2kt, and the lock picks page is a place where players can find the code for any locker room, even if it’s the same locker room code.

The lockpick code for the Wizards locker room codes is 63418.

Lockpick codes for NBA 2ke and NBA 2kn are also available on the locks page.

There’s even a lockpick page for all NBA 2 k 21 locker rooms that allows users to enter a lockpicker code for a specific locker room or locker room combination.