How to help your local fire department fight a natural disaster

There are some things that can make a disaster more manageable.

But the best way to help a local fire brigade in a disaster is by following some simple steps.

The Fire Department of California says the National Weather Service has been doing this work for over 70 years.

The Weather Service’s website provides some guidelines for how the public can help.

Here are a few suggestions for getting involved in a natural emergency:Get in touch with your local news outlet.

A local newspaper, a local TV station, or even a radio station can be a great source of information.

You can also send letters to the newsroom and the local fire station.

You can use a local email address to send your letter.

This will allow your local paper to be notified of your letters.

For example, if your local newspaper is sending a letter to the fire department, send it to the Fire Department at the address above and the address of your local media outlet.