How to install a faux lockscreen to your phone without using your phone’s camera

Posted September 08, 2018 16:37:17 Fake lockscreen software that lets you hide your phone camera and lock it in place is an easy way to hide it from the world.

Here’s how to install it on your Android phone without taking a photo, and without compromising the security of your phone.


Install a fake lockscreen app on your phone, like the popular KKG Fake lockscreenscreen app that lets people hide their phone cameras.


Install the KKD Fake locksapp.


Open the app.4.

Tap the app icon in the bottom-left corner of the app list.


Tap Install.


Now tap Install.

You can see your device’s camera on the bottom of the screen.


When the KD Fake app installs, it will start downloading the KDK Fake locksettings app.


When you are ready, tap Install KKKG.


You will now see a KKT fake locksettings window on your home screen.

Click on the KKT Fake lockssettings icon to open the KDT fake lockscreenshot app.

You’ll see a screen with a bunch of screenshots of your devices’ cameras. 


Tap on the image of the fake locksscreen you just installed.


Tap Enable.


The KKT fake locks screen will pop up.

Tap “Lock.”


The camera will turn on and off in real-time.


The fake lockscan now be seen in the screen above your device.


Tap your phone and you’ll see the screen you just clicked on. 16.

Tap Toggle the lock screen and your phone will automatically lock in place.


To unlock your phone or device, just click on the phone or tablet’s icon in your home screens list and then tap “OK.”