How to keep your kids safe in the dark: Tips from an anonymous parent

You may have seen this before on a Halloween costume, but you may not know the name of the child whose hand you just gave the key to a door.

It’s called a “nest.”

Nest-door locks are a common feature of homes, and while many of us will probably never use them, the fact that they exist is a reminder of how vital they are to keeping kids safe from the dark.

It also makes sense: Most people don’t have access to a safe, and they’re less likely to pick locks on a dark night than at a light.

A good Nest-Lock system includes the following elements: It includes a spring-loaded latch, which keeps a lock open only when the key is in the pocket or the pocket is open.

A keyhole.

A spring-load safety lock.

A sliding latch.

A door lock that opens or closes when the door is opened or closed.

A handle.

It can be made from plastic or wood, but usually the handle is more practical.

It should be made of plastic or a metal that won’t rust.

It must have a strong locking mechanism that can be operated with a spring or a thumb.

The system should also have a safety door that can’t be opened or locked, and must be accessible by all four legs.

Some of the most common Nest-Locks you can buy include: The Locksmith® (Locksmiths have a special deal: $50 off your purchase of a new Nest-lock!)