How to make a patio door latch without a cable lock

As you read this article, you might be wondering: How do you make a cable-lock patio door hinge?

The answer is pretty simple: with some DIY tricks.

Here’s what you need to know about cable locks.

The Key to Cable-Lock Door Hinges You can make a cord-lock door hinge using the following steps.1.

First, drill a hole about 1/4 inch (0.5 centimeters) in diameter.

Make sure that you don’t drill the hole too deep.2.

Drill the hole to about 0.25 inches (0 and 1/2 centimeters) from the bottom of the door.

For best results, you should drill the holes so that they are flush with the bottom.3.

Attach the cord-locks end to a piece of plywood or other metal that is 2 inches (5 centimeters).4.

Make sure that the cord locks are parallel with the wall.5.

With the plywood in place, trace a line on the ply that runs perpendicular to the door’s top.6.

Using a wire cutter, cut a straight line that runs parallel to the top of the ply.7.

The wire should be cut so that it intersects the cordlocks.8.

Secure the ends of the cordlock with tape.9.

Drill a hole on the outside of the house so that the ply will not protrude past the door itself.10.

Attaching the cable lock to the wall is simple.

Start by attaching it to a door frame.

You will need a piece about the size of a deck of cards.

Make the hole 1/8 inch (1 centimeter) deep.

Place a piece that is about 3/8 inches (7 centimeters) long at the bottom to secure it.11.

Attached to the ply, drill two holes through the ply so that you can attach the cable to the front of the hinge.


Attachment to the hinge requires a special tool.

Attache the cable-locks cord to the hinges.


With a screwdriver, cut the cable locks cord from the hinge and attach the ends to the back of the hinges with a screw.


Secure with a tapered bolt that is 1/16 inch (5 millimeters) long.

Attach the hinge to the house using the same method.


To make the cord lock hinge work, it is necessary to put it in place first.

Make a few small holes in the ply to accommodate the cord locking and a piece or two of wood that is as close as possible to the bottom edge of the wood.

This will be the base of the cable.


With an iron or other screwdriver or hammer, push the hinge into place.

You can also make the hinge larger by drilling a small hole in the top or side of the frame.

The hinge will then hang over the door, and the cord will then be attached to the underside of the wooden door.