How to make your own #SavageSexDrama for Halloween: Get the #Saver sex-themed wallpaper

A few weeks ago, a new version of SavageSexDramas for the Xbox One was announced.

Now we’re getting another, this time for the PC.

We’ve got a new wallpaper for you to use for this week’s Halloween sex-drama, courtesy of the lovely @saversexdrama team, who have put together a wallpaper of our own.

Here’s the original wallpaper from last week:This week’s wallpaper is from the #SexDrams for the PS4:As we mentioned in our review of the PS Vita version, this is the same team who put together the PSVR sex-scenes for the original PlayStation and the Xbox 360 versions of the games.

If you’ve got any questions about SavageSex, check out the PS VR SexDrama Guide for a quick and easy guide to the sex-and-romance scenes in this new PSVR release.