How to stop the bird-sized ‘snaps’ from stealing your locks

How to lock your locks.

How to unlock them.

 When it comes to locks, you have a few options to try.

You can try to use a tool called a “sparrow” to open them.

This is a very effective technique, and it’s usually a very small, soft, plastic object that you can get from any grocery store.

Alternatively, you can use your finger.

I’ve had a few bird-shaped locks that I’ve used to unlock, and I’ve seen some other locks that have been used to break them.

They were hard to lock, though, so I’ve always had to put them away for a week or so before they opened.

But what if the bird is actually a small person?

A bird-size person is a person that is between 2 feet and 3 feet tall.

It is, in fact, a very common type of lock that people keep in their homes, and has the advantage that it has the potential to be quite small, since the lock will be relatively easy to open and remove.

The bird-sparrot is a little different from the regular crow, in that it is much less common.

It’s a type of bird that you would see in bird shelters.

Most people don’t recognize the bird and it seems to be a little bit more difficult to lock with.

And even if you do recognize it, the bird will still try to knock you off of your feet with its sharp claws.

It usually takes a few tries to get the lock to open.

So, if you’re in a crowded area, you may have to use this strategy.

Or, if the birds aren’t in a cage, it may be better to just go into the store and purchase a bird cage.