How to Unlock Your Smart Home from Your Phone

There are a lot of smart lock options on the market.

There are smart door locks that use light to unlock your doors, and smart locks that have sensors and sensors that track the movement of your locks and can detect motion.

There’s also a smart lockscreen that tracks what your home is doing and allows you to lock your doors.

And then there are smart locks and smart doors.

The Smart Lock app for Android and iOS has been designed to be easy to use and convenient to use.

If you’re looking for a great way to lock or unlock your home, then the Smart Lock App is the app for you. 

Here’s how to unlock a smart home from your phone with the SmartLock app: Tap on your smart lock icon from the home screen. 

Select the app.

Tap on Settings and then Smart Lock.

Select your smart door lock icon. 

Click on the lock icon to open the lock screen.

Select the smart lock screen and then the lock.

Select Home and choose your desired lock type. 

You can also click on the home and choose Home Smart Lock or Home Smart Door Lock.

Choose your desired number of days for the lock to unlock. 

The Smart Lock screen is displayed in two colors: black and white. 

When you tap on a lock icon in the smart locks screen, it will turn white and unlock.

You can also swipe to the left or right to access the lock settings. 

If you’re using the Smart Door Unlock app, the lock will also unlock automatically if you swipe left or Right from the lock face. 

There’s also an optional “Tick-To-lock” feature that allows you set a trigger or sound when you need to lock the door.

If that feature is selected, the door will lock automatically once the user taps the lock button.

If the door doesn’t unlock, you can hold the lock and the door would unlock automatically when you tap it again. 

This feature can be useful if you’re locked out of your home by a family member or if you don’t want to disturb someone in your home. 

On top of the lock features, the Smart Unlock app includes a full set of customization options, including a home screen widget that can display the latest information about your smart home and a built-in calendar that can show the current time, weather and recent messages. 

Smart Lock also offers a free version of the app, which is compatible with Android and iPhone, that includes all of the functionality and features of the Smart lock app for $2.99. 

 If this isn’t your first time using Smart Lock, you’ll want to check out our video below to see how to get the most out of the smart door unlock feature.