India’s new Aadhaar-based biometric-based fingerprint scanner is ready to go, officials say

India’s Aadhaar- based biometric fingerprint scanner, the UIDAI-developed Aadhaar biometric ID-based ID system is ready for its first trials.

According to the department of telecommunications and information technology, a team of researchers from the National Institute of Biotechnology and Technology has successfully produced a system that can generate a biometric identifier based on a photograph and other data.

The system can also be used to authenticate a digital photo that is stored in the UID, the department said.

The project is part of a larger effort to digitise data and make it easy for consumers to access.

The UIDAI said that the team of about 10 researchers from several universities has been working on the Aadhaar system for a year.

The system uses two sensors to measure the wearer’s fingerprint, the central image from a biometrics device, and other sensors to determine the wearer and identify them based on facial recognition software.

The sensors are connected to a central server and the UID-based identification system generates an identification based on the user’s facial structure.

The researchers say the UID system will be the basis of new technologies in health care, education, financial services, agriculture and more.