Microsoft’s Cortana is the new lock pick: TechRadars

Microsoft is hoping Cortana will change the way you lock your doors and make it more secure.

The new Cortana has a new feature that allows users to “lock pick” items inside a lock.

You can choose which item you want to lockpick.

You can also pick items up in the lock and pick them up again with your fingers, making it more personal.

The lockpick is the same as the ones that you can get in the Apple iPhone and iPad, so you can pick up anything you want, even if it’s not locked in the way that you want it.

Microsoft’s Cortana has always been a little more personal with her “pick” feature.

You’ll have to press the “lock” key on your phone to start the lockpicking process.

Microsoft said that you won’t have to remember your password.

But it also added that you could get a lock pick by going to Cortana’s settings.

There are also a number of different lock pick types.

Cortana will pick a variety of locks and lockpicks.

For example, you could pick up an Xbox One console, a MacBook, or a pair of sunglasses, for example.

If you’ve ever wanted to make your home more secure, Cortana can make your life easier by showing you locks and lockspicks, but the real-time lockpicking isn’t yet available.

You might want to use your real lock pick if you don’t want Cortana to lock things up, or if you want the ability to open doors or lock a lock manually.