The best way to look stylish: the hair lock

Posted April 03, 2018 06:06:20 A look to get you into a head of steam: don’t forget the locks, or else you’ll end up with a look that looks like a wig.

But you can’t always rely on a little help.

Here are some of the best hair lock tips you can apply, and what you need to do to achieve the look you’re after.


Don’t wear your hair in braids It’s a no-brainer.

But if you’re in a hurry, try a combover to disguise your hair.

This may help to avoid the look of a balding bob.


Make sure you have a comb for your hair combers You need a comb with a long comb that can reach all the way up to your head.

For a long-haired look, go with a comb that is slightly longer than your head to avoid any clumps of hair.

A short comb, like the one pictured here, is good as well.


Get a hair gel to cover your hair When you’re doing a hairstyle that you don’t really like, you may have a problem.

If you’re a heavy-haired woman, try using a hair-gel to give your hair a soft, lightweight texture.

This is a great way to give the illusion of a fuller hair, especially if you have thick hair.


Apply gel sparingly Use a hair spray and apply it sparingly.

Use a small amount at a time.

If your hair is really thick and frizzy, use a thicker amount, which will help to smooth it out and make it more manageable.


Don the locks for a longer hairstyle A longer hairstyles, like bobs and braids, are much more dramatic.

For this, it’s best to wear a wig for this look, so the wig can show off your hair’s natural curl and volume.

But when you’re ready to do a bobs or braids style, make sure you wear your wig and hair at the same time.

A long, thin wig and long hair give the impression of a thicker, fuller look.


Wash it with your hair brush When you have some hair on your face, you’ll need to brush it with a damp hair brush to get rid of any excess.

But keep in mind that your hair will eventually be soiled by the water from the bath.

So, don’t use a hair brush that is too long or too thin.

You want to make sure your hair doesn’t become soiled.


Apply the hair gel A hair gel is an easy way to make your hair appear thicker and softer, especially when your hair becomes thicker and frizzier.

It will also help to cover the hair with your hand, so that you won’t lose it. 8.

Don your hair with a hair tie A great way of dressing up your hair for a hair style is to wear your tie to cover up your locks.

The tie will give your hairstyle a more dramatic appearance.


Keep it a secret The hair lock is a look you can go to extremes to achieve.

So don’t wear it to the bar, where you might be a bit nervous about people spotting you.

Instead, you can put it on the bathroom floor or outside your door, where it will look more natural and flattering.


Add a hair ribbon and make your locks longer to accentuate your bob Hair-robes are the ultimate disguise, and it’s a great time to do it.

For an even more dramatic look, make your curls longer to give it a more defined look.

This will also make your hairstyles look a little more feminine.


Wash your hair You can always wash your hair and it won’t have the same impact as it did before you had the hair cut.

But it can help to rinse the hair before using it. 12.

Use the hair brush for your curls to create the illusion that your curls are longer This is an ideal way to add some dramatic flair to your hairstylist.

To do it, apply a hairbrush to the hair and brush it around the ends of your curls.

If it’s really thick, you might need to add more hair to achieve a thicker appearance.

For the most dramatic look you want, you should use a comb.

This can be either long or short, but don’t get too long and get your hair up to the top of your head, as this will create a bit of a bob.


Make a bob for the night with a wig or wigder A wig is a good way to create a bob that goes with your locks, and is a perfect way to accent a more formal look.

You’ll need a hair wig to go with your bob, and a wigder to make it longer.

Make your wig the right length for your locks and you’ll have the look.


Make the best of your hair when it’s cold Take your hair out