Watch this: Lady Foot Locker (2016) on Netflix!

A new Netflix movie starring Elizabeth Banks and Vanessa Paradis was released in the US on Friday, but it is not a new one.

The Netflix movie, Lady Foot Locker, stars Banks as a woman who becomes locked in a locker in the same way she becomes locked up in the present day.

Banks is back as the titular Lady Foot, while Paradis and co-star Matthew McConaughey play two inmates who are locked up for crimes they did not commit.

Netflix did not say when the movie will come to the US, but the film is available for viewing online right now.

The new film was written by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and executive produced by former Fox News Channel executive Roger Ailes, the same man who oversaw the network’s controversial decision to cut ties with the Trump administration.

Netflix is expected to announce a streaming deal with the show soon.