‘Wifi door locks’ are going viral

New Zealanders are using their smartphones to lock their doors and keep people out, and they’re doing it without the help of the country’s public Wi-Fi.

Key points:People have been sharing the photos on social media and InstagramThe photos show a door-lock emoji on the inside of the lockThe images have been shared thousands of timesThe images were taken on Monday night on a door in the Auckland suburb of Maitland, near the country ‘WIFI’ network, with a photo of a door lock emoji.

It’s the first time that Wi-fi has been used to lock a door since it was introduced in 2013, and it’s been shared millions of times on social networking sites.

The photos, taken on a day when most people were still asleep, show a locked door with the emoji on it, and a number of people have shared them on social networks.

The door-Lock emoji, shown on a photo posted by a user on Monday, shows that the lock can be used to unlock doors in New Zealand.

In 2017, New Zealand introduced a number to the lock which could be used in the event of an emergency.

“The door locks in NZ were designed with the intention that they would be able to be used for locking doors in a timely manner in the future.

As a result of these design changes, the lock now has a built-in lock function,” the Wi-FI New Zealand website said.

However, it’s still unclear whether the use of Wi-fans for unlocking doors is an everyday occurrence or if it’s just a trend.

“In New Zealand, the locks are used primarily for emergency access.

People lock their door and lock themselves inside to avoid intruders,” the website said, adding that the locks were “designed to prevent other people from getting in, especially in the case of a house fire”.”

There is no evidence that a lock has ever been installed in the home for use in emergencies, and people are also advised to lock the door when they leave their home.”

In New York, New York state has launched a campaign to encourage residents to lock doors, and there are similar efforts underway in Australia.

The lock is available on most mobile phones, but the New Zealand Government has not yet announced whether it will offer a similar feature.

A spokesman for the New York Department of Homeland Security said the locks “are not part of our regular security measures”.

“However, they are used in a number a different jurisdictions around the country and have been approved by the Department of Public Safety, which is responsible for law enforcement.”

The spokesman said they did not believe that Wi.fi locks had ever been introduced in New York.

New Zealand has been testing the technology since 2017.

“New Zealand is a very safe country,” a spokesman for New Zealand’s Department of Health said.

“We have implemented new measures, including mandatory lockdowns and the introduction of a Wi-Finder to ensure people can remain safe and secure.”

“In addition, the Department has implemented a new, secure lock for public access to public places.”

As a consequence of this, Wi-fit locks are now not allowed in public places.